La ultima cena 2014



Woodblockprint – 2 Colors

Year: 2014
Artist: Yescka
Dimension: 100cm x 70cm
Limited Edition

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Product Description

The “apostles” represent a part of mexico’s political, economical and religious elite. The most powerful among them is a well-known drug boss in Jesus place. The others are gathered around him, begging for his recognition. They are all sitting at one table, distributing the power among each other. Their thirst for power makes them devour the values that represents the head of Benito Juárez in the middle of the table, like freedom and justice and they abuse the responsibility they received from the people.

A version of the “la ultima cena” was also featured in Anthony Bourdains “Parts Unknown” in the episode about mexico.

yescka and anthony  bourdain

A large scale version was part of the “Hecho en Oaxaca” exhibition at the museum of Oaxaca.

Hecho en Oaxaca MACO 2013 from MACO on Vimeo.

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Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 100 x 70 cm
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